Types of Law

There are many different types of law :

Starting with Employment law... this is a very diverse subject with many different aspects to it, employment law is there to protect both the employer and the employee. Companies can seek the advice of employment law solicitors if they have issues with their employees regarding wages, holidays, sexual harrassment or racial or sexual discrimination cases. The use of mediation services is common in many of these types of court case.

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If you do not abide by the laws of employment in your country you could find yourself in deep water and a whole lot of debt too. Law suits by employees can cost companies thousands of pounds and vice versa if you are an employee taking on a large company be aware that you may end up out of pocket by the end of it.

Bankruptcy Laws...

These refer to credit card debts and other payment and direct debit debts. These laws can enable debtors to begin their financial life again... without the huge debts hanging over their heads. The courts can set up repayment plans for debtors to make it easier for them to pay the the money they owe.

Civil Rights Law...

This consists of rules about citizenship and freedom of speech. also rights to a public trial by a jury.

and finally Corporate Law....

This is for company directors to protect their business and their company assets, especially when they have shareholders, they have a legally binding contract of corporate law that will protect all parties involved.